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Funskool - Othello

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Brand : Funskool
Type : Board Game
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Funskool is India's leading toy manufacturing company promoted by the MRF group. The company has one of the largest range of toys in India. Funskool upholds the highest standards of quality and excellence while offering the most exciting brands that facilitate entertainment for both children and the entire family. Since its inception, Funskool's contribution to the Indian toy industry and its vision to help every child grow into a successful human being has helped it emerge as one of the largest toy companies in India.

Funskool - Othello

This Is How You Play...

A Minute To Learn...

A Lifetime To Master!

Othello is the internationally acclaimed two player strategy game that takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master! Othello is an abstract, two-player strategy game played on an 8X8, 64-square board. 64 discs are used, one side being completely white in color, the other side being completely black.

Black plays first and places a checker, black side uppermost, on any square on the board such that he/she 'sandwiches' at least one of his / her opponents pieces between the checker he / she just placed and any other of his / her colour already on the board. Play continues alternately...First black, then white.

The object is to outflank your opponent by having your colour disks  on both ends of a row of your opponent's disks. When you do this, you flip your opponent's disks to your colour! But be-careful--your opponent may then outflank you and turn all the disks back to his / her colour! The strategic possibilities are endless!


Game Board

64 Discs

Introduction Sheet

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Country of Origin: India