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Huggies Wonder Pants Diaper Monthly Pack Extra Large Size

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Brand : Huggies
Type : Pant Style Diapers
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Huggies brand is owned by Kimberly-Clark Corporation and over 130 years Kimberly-Clark is one of the world's leading producers of tissue, personal care products, and health care products The company sells its products in 150 countries and maintains manufacturing operations in 41 countries. Huggies is one of the premier brands available in the market today. Huggies offers a wide range of diapers from New born babies up to 2 years. It gives a very comfortable and dry feeling to babies.

Choosing the best diaper for your baby's delicate and soft skin is important. This next generation Huggies product is India's 1st Diaper Pant with unique Bubble-Bed Technology. Bubble wala Huggies has 3 unique features that provide ultimate care and comfort on all 3 sensitive areas baby's bottom, thighs and waist. The super soft 3-D Bubble-Bed feels like a cottony bed against baby's bottom, absorbing wetness up to 12 hours and keeping your little one's bottom dry and rash-free. These breathable diaper pants are perfect for a peaceful, undisturbed sleep without irritation on skin. The super-flexible waistband offers a snug fit, so baby can move around without any red marks or discomfort around the waist. The triple Leak-guard adds an extra padding on the sides of the diaper for leakage protection from the sides. Fun shapes and playful designs adorn the diaper pants, which are available online in all sizes Newborn, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL

Care Instructions:

Keep in cool and dry place; Do not flush diaper; Keep plastic bags away from children.

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Huggies Wonder Pants